Extra Butter x Breaks Kru Mishka 2010 Spring Lookbook

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For the Spring 2010 collection we teamed up with the infamous BREAKS KRU. A NYC b-boy crew that has been a major force in the hip-hop scene and beyond, since 1996. Since I graduated college in 2001, I returned home to see a b-boy scene that was not just resurfacing, but exploding with a new generation of talent that would take the culture to the next level. Breaks Kru was always a huge influence back then, and still continues to be now, with performances all over the world and a consistent effort and mission to teach youth about hip-hop culture and b-boy lifestyle. Having worked with Breaks Kru leader – WaAaK, in the past…and having recently be-friended fellow Mishka addict, Suitkace, we decided to combine Butter and Breaks and do our own photoshoot for the Spring goods we brought in.

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